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Syndicated Open

An open command implementation that uses Syndicate and PCRE pattern matching to open URIs.

There are two utilites, open and uri_runner. The former connects to a shared Syndicate dataspace using a route at $SYNDICATE_ROUTE and has no other configuration. The uri_runner component is intended to be managed by the Syndicate server thru which it receives configuration, see as an example.

Matching patterns to actions is done with action-handler records:

<action-handler "foo://(.*):(.*)" $entity <krempel ["--host=$1" "--port=$2"]> >

In the preceding example the URI foo://bar:42 would cause the message <krempel ["--host=bar" "--port=42"]> to be sent to $entity.

See for more information.

The protocol.nim file is generated from the protocol.prs schema, a Tupfile file is provided to do this.