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# syndicate-pty-driver
[protocol]: protocols/schemas/pty.prs
A PTY (pseudoterminal) driver for [Syndicate](, plus [protocol
schema][protocol] for PTY interaction via Syndicate.
Expects to be started from
[syndicate-server](, perhaps via
configuration like this:
<require-service <daemon pty>>
<daemon pty { protocol: application/syndicate, argv: "syndicate-pty-driver" }>
It publishes a service object which then speaks the [PTY protocol][protocol]. You can start a
program running in a fresh PTY like this:
# As soon as the PTY driver publishes its service object, $cap, ...
? <service-object <daemon pty> ?cap> [
# ... assert interest in existence of a session with id 1 running `bash -i`.
$cap += <pty-session 1 [bash -i]>
Then, expect `<pty-output ...>` messages and send `<pty-input ...>` messages to interact with
the subprocess.
See the [protocol definition][protocol] for more about interacting with PTYs over Syndicate.