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AbstractLauncher subclass: #LinuxIODevStartup
instanceVariableNames: ''
classVariableNames: ''
poolDictionaries: ''
category: 'DevSupport-LinuxIO'!
!LinuxIODevStartup methods!
| i |
FileDirectory setDefaultDirectory: (UnixProcess env at: 'HOME'), '/src/squeak-phone'.
(UnixProcess env at: 'USER' ifAbsent: [nil])
ifNotNil: [:u | Utilities authorInitials: u].
NetNameResolver localHostName caseOf: {
['zip'] -> [
PhoneWorldMorph uninstall.
DisplayScreen fullScreenOn.
} otherwise: [].
self update: 'SyndicatedActors' from: (Installer squeaksource project: 'SyndicatedActors').
i := Installer squeaksource project: 'SqueakPhone'.
self update: 'LinuxIO' from: i.
self update: 'SqueakPhone' from: i.
"If we run the following either here directly, or in the UI
process, it appears to lock up the image at 100% CPU usage."
[RFBServer allowEmptyPasswords: true; stop; start] forkAt: Processor lowestPriority + 1.
update: packageName from: anInstaller
| wc |
wc := MCWorkingCopy allManagers detect: [:m | m package name = packageName] ifNone: [nil].
(wc isNil or: [wc modified not]) ifTrue: [anInstaller install: packageName]
LinuxIODevStartup activate!
Utilities commonRequestStrings: 'DisplayDevice fixDPI "Autodetect"
DisplayDevice fixDPI: 500 "Cellphoneish"
DisplayDevice fixDPI: 256 "Comfortable on my 27-inch monitor"
DisplayDevice fixDPI: 163 "Nominal for a 4k 27-inch monitor"
', Utilities commonRequestStrings contents!
SyndicateSnippets stdio1!
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