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; Attenuate `$config` by rewriting plain `require-service` assertions to `require-core-service`
; assertions. Allow all other assertions through.
let ?sys = <* $config [
<rewrite <require-service ?s> <require-core-service $s>>
<filter _>
; Give meaning to `require-core-service`: it is an ordinary `require-service`, plus a
; declaration that the `core` milestone depends on the service.
? <require-core-service ?s> [
<depends-on <milestone core> <service-state $s up>>
<require-service $s>
; Load config in the `core` directory, using the wrapped `config` so that all plain services
; required are changed to be *core* services.
<require-service <config-watcher "/etc/syndicate/core" {
config: $sys
gatekeeper: $gatekeeper
log: $log
; In addition, require the `core` milestone explicitly.
<require-service <milestone core>>