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version 1 .
; Definitions for the internal workings of the Samsung Galaxy S7 modem driver.
; Assertion. Declares presence of a Hayes modem.
ModemPresent = <modem =samsung-galaxy-s7 @devicePath string @dataspace #!InternalProtocol> .
; TODO not yet properly specified
InternalProtocol = any .
ModemPacket = @in <from-modem @packet any> / @out <to-modem @packet any> .
; The bodies are instances of SamsungFmtMessage and SamsungRfsMessage, respectively.
FmtPacket = <fmt @body #!any> .
RfsPacket = <rfs @body #!any> .
; Assertion. Asks the modem to execute the given command.
CommandRPC = <execute-command @command FmtPacket @replyTo #!FmtPacket> .
; Message. Asks the modem to execute the given command, but not to send back the reply.
CommandEvent = <execute-command @command FmtPacket> .