Set env var to make synit-pid1 and syndicate-server keep their heaps small

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Tony Garnock-Jones 2023-10-20 11:33:42 +02:00
parent 39c3231de2
commit d1a1516ada
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@ -31,4 +31,11 @@ mkdir -p /usr/local/etc/syndicate/services
# usb0. Instead we will be a DHCP client. (This was just easiest to set up.)
killall unudhcpd || true
# This tells Rust programs built with jemallocator to be very aggressive about keeping their
# heaps small. Synit currently targets small machines. Without this, I have seen the system
# syndicate-server take around 300MB of heap when doing not particularly much; with this, it
# takes about 15MB in the same state. There is a performance penalty on being so aggressive
# about heap size, but it's more important to stay small in this circumstance right now.
export _RJEM_MALLOC_CONF="narenas:1,tcache:false,dirty_decay_ms:0,muzzy_decay_ms:0"
exec /sbin/synit-pid1