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@ -25,6 +25,22 @@ the software to try it out. You can also run Synit inside a virtual machine.
See the [installation instructions](https://synit.org/book/install.html) for a list of supported
# Documentation
## Documentation
See [the Synit Manual](https://synit.org/book/).
## Repository contents
- [`synit-pid1/`](synit-pid1/) is a small, simple Rust program implementing a minimal PID1 for
the Synit system.
- [`protocols/schemas/`](protocols/schemas/) contains schema definitions for the protocols
used among the components of the system.
- [`packaging/`](packaging/) contains Alpine (PostmarketOS) packaging scripts and supporting
files for Synit components. The packages themselves live in
[`packaging/packages/`](packaging/packages/). A particularly interesting package is
- [`scripts/`](scripts/) contains support scripts for uploading and installing Synit packages
on a target device.