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- signals (SIGTERM)
- service-started, service-running, and service-complete
- actually more like: stopped, starting, started, running, failed, and stopping.
- ... but with `complete` added, to mirror `failed`.
- service controls: reload?, restart, pause, unpause, force-stop ("blocked")
- difference between "pause" and "block" is that "pause" stops the
actual program instance but doesn't flag the service as
non-started, while "block" pushes it all the way back to
- deal with logging
- when syslogd is running, /dev/log is a unix datagram socket
- service for `apk` operations - otherwise they clash
Service lifecycle (as freely imagined; really, a state machine similar
to this will be induced by assertion-driven
digraph G {
subgraph cluster_runnable {
running [label="running\n(a.k.a. ready)"];
starting -> started [label="deps satisfied\nstart svc"];
started -> running [label="marked running\n-"];
started -> failed [label="start failed\n-"];
started -> complete [label="svc done\n-"];
running -> failed [label="svc failed\n-"];
running -> complete [label="svc done\n-"];
failed -> started [label="restart\nstart svc"];
complete -> started [label="restart\nstart svc"];
running -> started [label="restart\nstart svc"];
paused [label="running\n(paused)"];
blocked [label="stopped\n(blocked)"];
stopped -> starting [label="required\nscan deps"];
running -> stopped [label="unrequired\nstop svc"];
running -> paused [lhead=cluster_runnable, label="pause req\nstop svc"];
paused -> starting [label="unpause req\nscan deps"];
running -> blocked [lhead=cluster_runnable, label="block req\nstop svc"];
blocked -> stopped [label="unblock req\ncheck for requirement"];
paused -> blocked [label="block req\n-"];
Oh, how about having a set-of-states approach: one for the
supervision/dependency-resolution process, and one for the service