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Oliver Smith 07bbd8c0c8
main/postmarketos-ondev: upgrade to 0.7.3 (MR 2712)
5 days ago
.ci ci: remove unused args argument from pmb.parse.apkbuild (MR 2711) 5 days ago
cross cross/gcc-*: upgrade to 11.2.1_git20211128 3 days ago
device lg-w7: new device (MR 2704) 9 hours ago
main main/postmarketos-ondev: upgrade to 0.7.3 (MR 2712) 7 hours ago
modem modem/msm-modem: skip SIM configuration on APQ* SoCs (MR 2632) 2 weeks ago
non-free/sgx-ddk-um non-free/sgx-ddk-um: new aport (MR 1868) 9 months ago
temp temp/xf86-video-opentegra: upgrade to 0_git20211025 (MR 2707) 3 days ago
.clang-format Add .clang-format file (!465) 2 years ago
.editorconfig Add editorconfig file from Alpine 3 years ago
.gitignore gitignore: add 'src/' dir created when running abuild manually (MR 2450) 3 months ago
.gitlab-ci.yml CI: use shellcheck from Alpine again (MR 2691) 2 weeks ago
.mrhlpr.json mrhlpr.json: change suffix in commit names (MR 1146) 2 years ago
CODEOWNERS add sxmo maintainers to pinephone codeowners (MR 2211) 6 months ago
LICENSE Add GPLv3 again 3 years ago README: small updates to links 3 months ago
channels.cfg channels.cfg: add v21.12 6 days ago
pmaports.cfg pmaports.cfg: set pmbootstrap_min_version to 1.37.0 (MR 2426) 3 months ago