postmarketOS Alpine Ports, with Synit changes
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Clayton Craft 9ccae77a47
pmaports.cfg: set pmbootstrap_min_version to 1.37.0 (MR 2426)
2 weeks ago
.gitlab-ci main/postmarketos-mkinitfs: use new mkinitfs (MR 2426) 2 weeks ago
cross cross/gcc-*: upgrade to 10.3.1_git20210625-r1 2 weeks ago
device device-*: don't use 'flavor' in kernel/initramfs names (MR 2426) 2 weeks ago
main linux-*: bump pkgrel for kernels that use downstreamkernel_package (MR 2426) 2 weeks ago
modem msm-modem-uim-selection: Don't wait for SIM (MR 2470) 3 weeks ago
non-free/sgx-ddk-um non-free/sgx-ddk-um: new aport (MR 1868) 7 months ago
temp temp/modemmanager: upgrade to 1.18rc1 aka 1.17.900 (MR 2453) 3 weeks ago
.clang-format Add .clang-format file (!465) 2 years ago
.editorconfig Add editorconfig file from Alpine 3 years ago
.gitignore gitignore: add 'src/' dir created when running abuild manually (MR 2450) 4 weeks ago
.gitlab-ci.yml CI: rename stages "first, second" to "lint, build" (MR 802) 1 year ago
.mrhlpr.json mrhlpr.json: change suffix in commit names (MR 1146) 1 year ago
CODEOWNERS add sxmo maintainers to pinephone codeowners (MR 2211) 4 months ago
LICENSE Add GPLv3 again 3 years ago README: small updates to links 2 weeks ago
channels.cfg channels.cfg: mark v21.03 as unsupported (MR 2424) 1 month ago
pmaports.cfg pmaports.cfg: set pmbootstrap_min_version to 1.37.0 (MR 2426) 2 weeks ago