Access remote actors, publish services, subscribe to messages and state updates etc., via the Syndicate network protocol from bash (and perhaps other shells).
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5 months ago
# syndicate-sh
This is an implementation of the Syndicate network protocol (based on
[Preserves]( for Bash.
**Q.** Is this a joke, or is this serious?
**A.** Yes.
## Dependencies
First, it depends on Bash-specific shell features.
5 months ago
Second, you'll need a Syndicate network server ("broker"). The best
option at present is the Rust-language server. Unfortunately it relies
on a few nightly-only features of Rust, so I use `rustup` to get a
nightly toolchain, and then use that:
5 months ago
5 months ago
# compiling syndicate-server from source needs these things:
apt install libssl-dev pkg-config curl build-essential
5 months ago
# this is the command-line given by
curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh
# follow the instructions
# then log out and in again
# now you can get the nightly toolchain:
rustup toolchain install nightly
5 months ago
5 months ago
# and finally the server:
cargo +nightly install syndicate-server
5 months ago
5 months ago
Third, you'll need the `preserves-tool` program, which ``
uses to slice and dice network packets. It's also written in Rust (but
doesn't require nightly), so you can get it with:
cargo install preserves-tools
5 months ago
## Running the demo
Start the server in one terminal, in the same directory as the
`` file:
syndicate-server -s ./sock
Then, in one or more other terminals, run ``: