Racket implementation of Dataspaces and Syndicate.
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;;; SPDX-License-Identifier: LGPL-3.0-or-later
;;; SPDX-FileCopyrightText: Copyright © 2010-2021 Tony Garnock-Jones <tonyg@leastfixedpoint.com>
#lang syndicate
(require racket/set)
(require data/order)
(require srfi/19)
(require (prefix-in i: 2htdp/image))
(require (prefix-in p: pict))
(require syndicate/drivers/gl-2d/affine)
(require "layout/main.rkt")
(require "hsv.rkt")
(require syndicate/bag)
(require syndicate/pattern)
(require/activate syndicate/drivers/gl-2d)
(define theme-font (make-parameter "Roboto"))
(define theme-font-size (make-parameter 16))
(define theme-title-font (make-parameter "Roboto Condensed"))
(define theme-title-font-size (make-parameter 20))
(define theme-title-font-color (make-parameter "white"))
(define theme-title-bar-color (make-parameter (hsv->color 260 1 0.6)))
(define theme-title-bar-selected-color (make-parameter (hsv->color 260 1 1)))
(define theme-title-bar-height (make-parameter 48))
(define theme-button-background-color (make-parameter (hsv->color 30 0.9 1)))
(define theme-button-color (make-parameter "white"))
(define theme-button-x-padding (make-parameter 40))
(define theme-button-y-padding (make-parameter 24))
(define theme-button-min-height (make-parameter 48))
(define theme-window-border-width (make-parameter 8))
(define theme-window-resize-corner-size (make-parameter 16))
(define theme-menu-item-color (make-parameter "white"))
(define theme-menu-item-background-color (make-parameter (hsv->color 240 1 0.8)))
(define theme-menu-item-selected-background-color (make-parameter (hsv->color 345 1 1)))
(define theme-menu-item-padding (make-parameter 16))
(define theme-menu-separator-width (make-parameter 2))
(define theme-menu-separator-color (make-parameter "white"))
(define (*width x)
(cond [(i:image? x) (i:image-width x)]
[(p:pict? x) (p:pict-width x)]
[else (error '*width "Neither an image nor a pict: ~v" x)]))
(define (*height x)
(cond [(i:image? x) (i:image-height x)]
[(p:pict? x) (p:pict-height x)]
[else (error '*height "Neither an image nor a pict: ~v" x)]))
(define (costume #:id [id #f] #:parent [parent-id #f] #:coordinate-map-id [coordinate-map-id #f] i)
(define iw (*width i))
(define ih (*height i))
(define iaspect (/ iw ih))
(lambda (z rect)
(match-define (rectangle left top sw sh) rect)
(define saspect (if (and (positive? sw) (positive? sh)) (/ sw sh) 1))
(define-values (scale-w scale-h translate-x translate-y)
(if (> saspect iaspect)
(let ((scale-h (/ sw iaspect)))
(values sw scale-h 0 (/ (- sh scale-h) 2)))
(let ((scale-w (* sh iaspect)))
(values scale-w sh (/ (- sw scale-w) 2) 0))))
(sprite #:id (or id (gensym 'costume))
#:parent parent-id
`((translate ,left ,top)
(push-matrix (scale ,sw ,sh)
,@(if id
`((touchable ,id ,in-unit-square?))
,@(if coordinate-map-id
`((coordinate-map ,coordinate-map-id))
(texture ,i
,(- (/ translate-x scale-w))
,(- (/ translate-y scale-h))
,(/ sw scale-w)
,(/ sh scale-h)
(define (draggable-mixin touching? x y id-to-raise)
(define (idle)
(react (stop-when #:when (touching?)
(message (mouse-event 'left-down (mouse-state $mx $my _ _ _)))
(dragging (- mx (x)) (- my (y))))))
(define (dragging dx dy)
(when id-to-raise (send! (raise-widget id-to-raise)))
(react (on (message (mouse-event 'motion (mouse-state $mx $my _ _ _)))
(x (- mx dx))
(y (- my dy)))
(stop-when (message (mouse-event 'left-up _)) (idle))
(stop-when (message (mouse-event 'leave _)) (idle))))
(spawn #:name 'root-window
(define c (costume #:id 'root (i:bitmap "oakura-beach-20081225.jpg")))
(define/query-value touching? #f (touching 'root) #t)
(on #:when (touching?) (message (mouse-event 'right-down (mouse-state $x $y _ _ _)))
(send! (pop-up-menu-trigger 'system-menu x y 0 0.5 'right-up)))
;; (during (window $width $height)
;; (assert-scene `((translate ,width 0) (rotate -90)) `())
;; (assert (desktop height width))
;; (assert (c 0 (rectangle 0 0 height width))))
(during (window $width $height)
(assert (desktop width height))
(assert (c 0 (rectangle 0 0 width height))))
(define (button-underlay i)
(define w (+ (*width i) (theme-button-x-padding)))
(define h (max (+ (*height i) (theme-button-y-padding)) (theme-button-min-height)))
(i:rectangle w h "solid" (theme-button-background-color)))
;; Protocol: Layout.
;; Roles:
;; Layout Solver
;; Responds to assertions of interest in layout solutions by
;; computing layouts and asserting the resulting positions.
;; (Observe LayoutSolution)+ ==>
;; RequestedLayoutSize ==>
;; ComputedLayoutSize ∧ LayoutSolution+
;; Layout Observer
;; Supplies any initial constraints on the overall layout size,
;; and may observe the final overall computed layout size.
;; RequestedLayoutSize ∧ (ComputedLayoutSize ==> 1)?
;; Layout Participant
;; Supplies constraints on an individual item to be laid out
;; and monitors the resulting position decision for that item.
;; LayoutSolution ==> 1
;; A LayoutSpec is one of
;; - (horizontal-layout Any)
;; - (vertical-layout Any)
;; - (tabular-layout Nat Nat)
;; where the first two use their keys for *ordering* peers relative to
;; each other using datum-order, and the last uses the given row and
;; column to place the item within an implicitly-sized grid layout.
(struct horizontal-layout (key) #:transparent)
(struct vertical-layout (key) #:transparent)
(struct tabular-layout (row col) #:transparent)
;; ASSERTION. A RequestedLayoutSize is a
;; (requested-layout-size Any (Option (box-size (Option Sizing) (Option Sizing))))
;; and describes overall constraints on the total size of the layout to be
;; constructed. Supplying `size` as `#f` means that there is no constraint at all;
;; otherwise, the `box-size` given is used as the exact dimensions of
;; the layout, unless one or both of the dimensions of the `box-size`
;; are given as `#f`, in which case there is no constraint for that
;; dimension.
(struct requested-layout-size (container-id size) #:transparent)
;; ASSERTION. A ComputedLayoutSize is a
;; (computed-layout-size Any BoxSize)
;; and gives the concrete dimensions of the layout after layout
;; computation has completed.
(struct computed-layout-size (container-id size) #:transparent)
;; ASSERTION. A LayoutSolution is a
;; (layout-solution Any LayoutSpec BoxSize Rectangle)
;; and denotes the computed bounds of a given item within a layout.
;; TODO: introduce an item ID??
(struct layout-solution (container-id
rectangle) #:transparent)
;; ASSERTION. Describes the size of the desktop area.
(struct desktop (width height) #:transparent)
(struct layout-item (spec size) #:transparent)
(define (layout-item-spec-key li)
(define v (layout-item-spec li))
(if (number? v) (exact->inexact v) v))
(spawn #:name 'layout-driver
(during/spawn (observe (layout-solution $container-id _ _ _))
#:name (list 'layout container-id)
(stop-when (asserted (observe (layout-solution container-id (horizontal-layout _) _ _)))
(react (solve-hv-layout #f container-id)))
(stop-when (asserted (observe (layout-solution container-id (vertical-layout _) _ _)))
(react (solve-hv-layout #t container-id)))
(stop-when (asserted (observe (layout-solution container-id (tabular-layout _ _) _ _)))
(react (solve-tabular-layout container-id)))))
(define (solve-hv-layout vertical? container-id)
(field [items (set)])
(if vertical?
(query-set* items
(observe (layout-solution container-id (vertical-layout $key) $size _))
(layout-item key size))
(query-set* items
(observe (layout-solution container-id (horizontal-layout $key) $size _))
(layout-item key size)))
(define/dataflow ordered-items (sort (set->list (items))
(order-<? datum-order)
#:key layout-item-spec-key)
#:default '())
(define/dataflow table
(if vertical?
(map list (map layout-item-size (ordered-items)))
(list (map layout-item-size (ordered-items)))))
(solve-layout* container-id
(lambda (layout)
(for [(item (ordered-items))
(cell (if vertical? (map car layout) (car layout)))]
(assert! (layout-solution container-id
(if vertical?
(vertical-layout (layout-item-spec item))
(horizontal-layout (layout-item-spec item)))
(layout-item-size item)
(define (merge-box-size existing computed)
(match existing
[#f computed]
[(box-size h v)
(box-size (or h (box-size-horizontal computed))
(or v (box-size-vertical computed)))]))
(define (solve-layout* container-id table on-layout)
(during (requested-layout-size container-id $reqsize)
(define/dataflow total-size (merge-box-size reqsize (table-sizing (table))))
(assert (computed-layout-size container-id (total-size)))
(define (total-width) (sizing-ideal (box-size-horizontal (total-size))))
(define (total-height) (sizing-ideal (box-size-vertical (total-size))))
(define/dataflow layout (table-layout (table) 0 0 (total-width) (total-height)) #:default '())
(for [(a (in-bag (current-adhoc-assertions)))]
(match a
[(layout-solution (== container-id) _ _ _) (retract! a)]
[_ (void)]))
(on-layout (layout)))))
(define (solve-tabular-layout container-id)
(define/query-set items
(observe (layout-solution container-id (tabular-layout $row $col) $size _))
(layout-item (cons row col) size))
(define/dataflow items-table
(let* ((specs (map layout-item-spec (set->list (items))))
(row-count (+ 1 (apply max -1 (map car specs))))
(col-count (+ 1 (apply max -1 (map cdr specs))))
(mtx (for/vector [(r row-count)] (make-vector col-count #f))))
(for [(item (items))]
(vector-set! (vector-ref mtx (car (layout-item-spec item)))
(cdr (layout-item-spec item))
(define/dataflow table
(for/list [(row (items-table))]
(for/list [(item row)]
(if item (layout-item-size item) weak-fill-box-size))))
(solve-layout* container-id
(lambda (layout)
(define mtx (list->vector (map list->vector layout)))
(for [(item (items))]
(match-define (cons row col) (layout-item-spec item))
(assert! (layout-solution container-id
(tabular-layout row col)
(layout-item-size item)
(vector-ref (vector-ref mtx row) col)))))))
;; TODO: Having pop-up-menu-trigger be a message means that it's not
;; possible to cancel or move the menu once it has been triggered.
;; Consider using the "start" button in the corner to pop up a menu,
;; following which the screen is resized before the menu is dismissed.
;; Currently, the menu will continue to float in an incorrect location
;; rather than following the screen resize. If, however, the trigger
;; for a menu was an assertion, then the menu could track changes in
;; its triggering parameters and could be repositioned without fuss.
(struct pop-up-menu-trigger (menu-id x y x-pin y-pin release-event) #:transparent)
(struct menu-separator (menu-id order) #:transparent)
(struct menu-item (menu-id order image message) #:transparent)
(spawn #:name 'pop-up-menu-driver
(on (message (pop-up-menu-trigger $menu-id $x $y $x-pin $y-pin $release-event))
(run-pop-up-menu menu-id x y x-pin y-pin release-event)))
(define (run-pop-up-menu menu-id pop-up-cursor-x pop-up-cursor-y x-pin y-pin release-event)
(define instance-id (list menu-id (gensym 'instance)))
(define pad (theme-menu-item-padding))
(define pad2 (* pad 2))
(define normal (i:rectangle 1 1 "solid" (theme-menu-item-background-color)))
(define highlight (i:rectangle 1 1 "solid" (theme-menu-item-selected-background-color)))
(define separator (i:rectangle 1 1 "solid" (theme-menu-separator-color)))
(spawn #:name instance-id
(assert (requested-layout-size instance-id #f))
(during (menu-item menu-id $order $sealed-image $msg)
(define item-id (gensym 'item))
(define im (seal-contents sealed-image))
(define imsize (box-size (sizing (+ pad2 (*width im)) 0 0)
(sizing (+ pad2 (*height im)) 0 0)))
(during (layout-solution instance-id (vertical-layout order) imsize $rect)
(match-define (rectangle left top width height) rect)
(assert (sprite #:id item-id #:parent instance-id
`((translate ,left ,top)
(scale ,width ,height)
(touchable (,instance-id ,item-id ,msg) ,in-unit-square?)
(texture ,(if (eq? (selected-item) item-id) highlight normal)))
(translate ,pad ,pad)
(scale ,(*width im) ,(*height im))
(texture ,im)))))))
(during (menu-separator menu-id $order)
(define sep-id (gensym 'sep))
(during (layout-solution instance-id (vertical-layout order)
(box-size weak-fill-sizing
(sizing (theme-menu-separator-width) 0 0))
(match-define (rectangle left top width height) rect)
(assert (sprite #:id sep-id #:parent instance-id
`((translate ,left ,top)
(scale ,width ,height)
(texture ,separator))))))
(during (computed-layout-size instance-id $menu-size)
(match-define (box-size (sizing menu-width _ _) (sizing menu-height _ _)) menu-size)
(define offset-x (- pop-up-cursor-x (* x-pin (+ menu-width 2)) -1))
(define offset-y (- pop-up-cursor-y (* y-pin (+ menu-height 2)) -1))
(assert (sprite #:id instance-id
`((translate ,offset-x ,offset-y)
(define/query-value selected-item #f (touching `(,instance-id ,$i ,_)) i)
(define/query-value selected-msg #f (touching `(,instance-id ,_ ,$msg)) msg)
(stop-when (message (mouse-event release-event _))
(when (selected-item) (send! (selected-msg))))))
(define (system-text str [color #f])
(i:text/font str (theme-font-size) (or color "white")
(theme-font) 'default 'normal 'normal #f))
(define (title-font-text str)
(i:text/font str (theme-title-font-size) (theme-title-font-color)
(theme-title-font) 'default 'normal 'normal #f))
(define (menu-item/text menu-id order str message)
(menu-item menu-id order (seal (system-text str (theme-menu-item-color))) message))
(struct window-state (window-id title state) #:transparent)
(struct raise-widget (id) #:transparent)
(struct top-widget (id) #:transparent)
(define close-icon-i
(parameterize ((theme-font-size (round (* 4/3 (theme-title-font-size)))))
(system-text "×" (theme-title-font-color))))
(define (window-frame id title backdrop-color
#:close-icon? [close-icon? #t]
#:parent [parent-id 'root])
(define title-text-i (title-font-text title))
(define title-text-w (i:image-width title-text-i))
(define title-text-h (i:image-height title-text-i))
(define (title-bar-i focus?) (i:rectangle 1 1 "solid"
(if focus?
(define close-icon-w (i:image-width close-icon-i))
(define close-icon-h (i:image-height close-icon-i))
(define gap (/ (- (theme-title-bar-height) close-icon-w) 2))
(define backdrop (i:rectangle 1 1 "solid" backdrop-color))
(lambda (z rect focus?)
(match-define (rectangle left top width height) rect)
(sprite #:id id
#:parent parent-id
`((translate ,left ,top)
(push-matrix (translate ,(- (theme-window-border-width))
,(- (theme-title-bar-height)))
(scale ,(+ width (* 2 (theme-window-border-width)))
,(+ height (theme-title-bar-height) (theme-window-border-width)))
(touchable (,id window-backdrop) ,in-unit-square?)
(texture ,(title-bar-i focus?)))
(push-matrix (translate 0 ,(- (theme-title-bar-height)))
(scale ,width ,(theme-title-bar-height))
(touchable (,id title-bar) ,in-unit-square?))
(push-matrix (translate ,(- (+ width (theme-window-border-width))
,(- (+ height (theme-window-border-width))
(scale ,(theme-window-resize-corner-size)
(touchable (,id resize-corner) ,in-unit-square?))
,@(if close-icon?
(translate ,gap ,(- (/ (+ (theme-title-bar-height) close-icon-h) 2)))
(scale ,close-icon-w ,close-icon-h)
(touchable (,id close-icon) ,in-unit-square?)
(texture ,close-icon-i)))
(push-matrix (translate ,(/ (- width title-text-w) 2)
,(- (/ (+ (theme-title-bar-height) title-text-h) 2)))
(scale ,title-text-w ,title-text-h)
(texture ,title-text-i))
(push-matrix (scale ,width ,height)
(texture ,backdrop))
(define (open-window window-id window-title x y width height [backdrop-color (hsv->color 200 1 1)]
#:resizable? [resizable? #t])
(define c (window-frame window-id window-title backdrop-color))
(field [z (- (current-inexact-milliseconds))])
(define/query-value touching-title-bar?
#f (touching `(,window-id title-bar)) #t)
(on-start (draggable-mixin touching-title-bar? x y window-id))
(when resizable?
(define/query-value touching-resize-corner?
#f (touching `(,window-id resize-corner)) #t)
(on-start (draggable-mixin touching-resize-corner? width height window-id)))
(define/query-value touching-close-icon?
#f (touching `(,window-id close-icon)) #t)
(stop-when #:when (touching-close-icon?) (message (mouse-event 'left-up _)))
(on (message (raise-widget window-id))
(z (- (current-inexact-milliseconds))))
(define/query-value focus? #f (top-widget window-id) #t)
(define/dataflow bounds (rectangle (x) (y) (width) (height)) #:default zero-rectangle)
(assert (window-state window-id window-title (bounds)))
(assert (c (z) (bounds) (focus?))))
(spawn #:name 'top-widget-monitor
(local-require data/heap)
(define *widget-heap* (make-heap (lambda (a b) (<= (cdr a) (cdr b)))))
(field [widget-heap-version 0])
(define (widget-heap) (begin (widget-heap-version) *widget-heap*)) ;; gross hack
;; ^ this is to cope with the use of mutable data in a field.
;; Field update only registers damage if the field *changes*, as detected by `equal?`.
(define (trigger-dependencies!) (widget-heap-version (+ (widget-heap-version) 1)))
(on (asserted (<sprite> $id 'root $z _))
(heap-add! (widget-heap) (cons id z))
(on (retracted (<sprite> $id 'root $z _))
(heap-remove! (widget-heap) (cons id z))
(assert #:when (positive? (heap-count (widget-heap)))
(top-widget (car (heap-min (widget-heap))))))
(struct button-click (id mouse-state) #:transparent)
;; TODO: figure out what it is about (define (f #:x x) x) that
;; mandates begin-for-declarations to hide it from syndicate/lang's
;; local-expansion here :-(
(define (pushbutton label-str x y [w #f] [h #f]
#:shrink-x [shrink-x 0]
#:id id
#:coordinate-map-id [coordinate-map-id #f]
#:parent parent-id
#:trigger-event [trigger-event 'left-up])
(define label (system-text label-str (theme-button-color)))
(define i (i:overlay/align "middle" "middle" label (button-underlay label)))
(define c (costume #:id id #:parent parent-id #:coordinate-map-id coordinate-map-id i))
(define/query-value touching? #f (touching id) #t)
(on #:when (touching?) (message (mouse-event trigger-event $s))
(send! (button-click id s)))
(assert (c 0 (rectangle (x)
(or (and w (w)) (*width i))
(or (and h (h)) (*height i)))))
(box-size (sizing (*width i) 0 (* shrink-x (*width i))) (sizing (*height i) 0 0))))
(define (enforce-minimum f v)
(begin/dataflow (when (< (f) v) (f v))))
(define (message-box title init-x init-y body #:id id)
(define msg (system-text body))
(spawn #:name (list 'message-box id)
(field [x init-x]
[y init-y]
[width (max 250 (*width msg))]
[height (max 100 (*height msg))])
(open-window id title x y width height #:resizable? #f)
(assert ((costume #:parent id msg)
(rectangle (/ (- (width) (*width msg)) 2)
(/ (- (height) (*height msg)) 2)
(*width msg)
(*height msg)))))))
(spawn #:name 'test-window
(field [x 140] [y 140] [width 400] [height 300])
(open-window 'w "Window Title" x y width height)
(enforce-minimum width 300)
(enforce-minimum height 300)
(assert (menu-item/text 'testmenu 0 "First item" '(testmenu first)))
(assert (menu-item/text 'testmenu 1 "Second item" '(testmenu second)))
(assert (menu-item/text 'testmenu 2 "Third item" '(testmenu third)))
(during (desktop $width $height)
(on (message `(testmenu ,$which))
(define box-id (gensym 'box))
(message-box #:id box-id
(date->string (seconds->date (current-seconds))
"Selected at ~3")
(random width) (random height)
(format "~a" which))))
(pushbutton "Click me"
(lambda () 100)
(lambda () 100)
#:id 'click-me #:parent 'w #:trigger-event 'left-down)
(on (message (button-click 'click-me (mouse-state $x $y _ _ _)))
(send! (pop-up-menu-trigger 'testmenu x y 0 0.5 'left-up))))
(spawn #:name 'fullscreen-menu-item
(field [fullscreen? #f])
(assert (menu-item/text 'system-menu -1
(if (fullscreen?)
"Fullscreen ✓"
'(system-menu toggle-fullscreen)))
(assert (menu-separator 'system-menu -0.9))
(on (message '(system-menu toggle-fullscreen))
(fullscreen? (not (fullscreen?))))
(assert #:when (fullscreen?) (gl-control 'fullscreen)))
(spawn #:name 'quit-menu-item
(assert (menu-item/text 'system-menu 0 "Quit" '(system-menu quit)))
(stop-when (message '(system-menu quit))
(send! (gl-control 'stop)))
(stop-when (message (key-event #\q #t _))
(send! (gl-control 'stop))))
(spawn #:name 'toolbar
(field [window-width 0] [window-height 0])
(on (asserted (desktop $w $h))
(window-width w)
(window-height h))
(define pad 4) ;;(theme-menu-item-padding))
(define pad2 (* pad 2))
(assert (requested-layout-size 'toolbar (box-size (sizing (- (window-width) pad2) 0 0) #f)))
(assert (observe (layout-solution 'toolbar
(horizontal-layout '(0.0 0.0))
(during (computed-layout-size 'toolbar (box-size (sizing $w _ _) (sizing $h _ _)))
(assert (sprite #:id 'toolbar #:parent #f
`((translate 0 ,(- (window-height) h pad2))
(push-matrix (scale ,(window-width) ,(+ h pad2))
(touchable toolbar ,in-unit-square?)
(texture ,(i:rectangle 1 1 "solid" "black")))
(translate ,pad ,pad)
(spawn #:name 'start-button
(field [x 0] [y 0])
(define reqsize
(parameterize ((theme-button-y-padding 8)
(theme-button-min-height 0))
(pushbutton "Start" x y #:id 'start-button #:parent 'toolbar
#:coordinate-map-id 'start-button
#:trigger-event 'left-down)))
(during (layout-solution 'toolbar (horizontal-layout '(-10.0 0.0)) reqsize
(rectangle $l $t $w $h))
(x l)
(y t)
(during (coordinate-map 'start-button $xform)
(on (message (button-click 'start-button _))
(define pt (- (transform-point xform 0+0i) 1+4i)) ;; padding + unoffset
(pop-up-menu-trigger 'system-menu (real-part pt) (imag-part pt) 0 1 'left-up))))))
(spawn #:name 'window-list-monitor
(during/spawn (window-state $id $title _)
#:name (list 'window-list id)
(field [x 0] [y 0] [width #f] [height #f])
(define reqsize
(parameterize ((theme-button-y-padding 8)
(theme-button-min-height 0)
(theme-button-background-color (hsv->color 240 1 0.6)))
(pushbutton title x y width height #:id (list 'window-list id) #:parent 'toolbar
#:shrink-x 1
#:trigger-event 'left-down)))
(during (layout-solution 'toolbar (horizontal-layout `(-5.0 ,id)) reqsize
(rectangle $l $t $w $h))
(begin (x l) (y t) (width w) (height h))
(during (top-widget id)
(assert (sprite #:id (list 'window-list id 'highlight)
#:parent (list 'window-list id)
`((translate 0 ,(- h 1))
(scale ,w 1)
(texture ,(i:rectangle 1 1 "solid" "white"))))))
(on (message (button-click (list 'window-list id) _))
(send! (raise-widget id))))))
(spawn #:name 'clock
(field [now (current-seconds)])
(on (message (frame-event _ $timestamp _ _))
(define new (current-seconds))
(when (not (= new (now))) (now new)))
(define/dataflow now-im (system-text (date->string (seconds->date (now)) "~a ~b ~d, ~3"))
#:default i:empty-image)
(during (layout-solution 'toolbar (horizontal-layout '(10.0 0.0))
(box-size (sizing (*width (now-im)) 0 0)
(sizing (*height (now-im)) 0 0))
(rectangle $l $t $w $h))
(assert (sprite #:id 'clock #:parent 'toolbar
`((translate ,l ,(+ t (/ (- h (*height (now-im))) 2)))
(scale ,(*width (now-im)) ,(*height (now-im)))
(texture ,(now-im)))))))