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;;; SPDX-License-Identifier: LGPL-3.0-or-later
;;; SPDX-FileCopyrightText: Copyright © 2010-2021 Tony Garnock-Jones <>
#lang syndicate
(require 2htdp/image)
(require 2htdp/planetcute)
(require racket/set)
(require plot/utils) ;; for vector utilities
(require (only-in racket/string string-prefix?))
(require (only-in racket/gui/base play-sound))
(require/activate syndicate/drivers/timer)
(require/activate syndicate/drivers/gl-2d)
(require syndicate/bag)
;; Layers:
;; - External I/O
;; as arranged by syndicate-gl/2d
;; including keyboard events, interface to rendering, and frame timing
;; - Ground
;; corresponds to computer itself
;; device drivers
;; applications (e.g. in this instance, the game)
;; - Game
;; running application
;; per-game state, such as score and count-of-deaths
;; process which spawns levels
;; regular frame ticker
;; - Level
;; model of the game world
;; actors represent entities in the world, mostly
;; misc actors do physicsish things
;; ## Common Data Definitions
;; A Vec is a (vector Number Number)
;; A Point is a (vector Number Number)
;; (See vector functions in plot/utils)
;; ## Ground Layer Protocols
;; ### Scene Management
;; - assertion: ScrollOffset
;; - assertion: OnScreenDisplay
;; - role: SceneManager
;; Displays the scene backdrop and adjusts display coordinates via ScrollOffset.
;; A ScrollOffset is a (scroll-offset Vec), indicating the vector to *subtract*
;; from world coordinates to get device coordinates.
(struct scroll-offset (vec) #:transparent)
;; An OnScreenDisplay is an (on-screen-display Number Number (Seal Image)),
;; representing an item to display in a fixed window-relative position
;; above the scrolled part of the scene. If the coordinates are
;; positive, they measure right/down from the left/top of the image;
;; if negative, they measure left/up from the right/bottom.
(struct on-screen-display (x y sealed-image) #:transparent)
;; ## Game Layer Protocols
;; ### Scoring
;; - message: AddToScore
;; - assertion: CurrentScore
;; - role: ScoreKeeper
;; Maintains the score as private state.
;; Publishes the score using a CurrentScore.
;; Responds to AddToScore by updating the score.
;; An AddToScore is an (add-to-score Number), a message
;; which signals a need to add the given number to the player's
;; current score.
(struct add-to-score (delta) #:transparent)
;; A CurrentScore is a (current-score Number), an assertion
;; indicating the player's current score.
(struct current-score (value) #:transparent)
;; ### Level Spawning
;; - assertion: LevelRunning
;; - message: LevelCompleted
;; - role: LevelSpawner
;; Maintains the current level number as private state.
;; Spawns a new Level when required.
;; Monitors LevelRunning - when it drops, the level is over.
;; Receives LevelCompleted messages. If LevelRunning drops without
;; a LevelCompleted having arrived, the level ended in failure and
;; should be restarted. If LevelComplete arrived before LevelRunning
;; dropped, the level was completed successfully, and the next level
;; should be presented.
;; - role: Level
;; Running level instance. Maintains LevelRunning while it's still
;; going. Sends LevelCompleted if the player successfully completed
;; the level.
;; A LevelRunning is a (level-running), an assertion indicating that the
;; current level is still in progress.
(struct level-running () #:transparent)
;; A LevelCompleted is a (level-completed), a message indicating that
;; the current level was *successfully* completed before it terminated.
(struct level-completed () #:transparent)
;; ## Level Layer Protocols
;; ### Movement and Physics
;; - message: JumpRequest
;; - assertion: Impulse
;; - assertion: Position
;; - assertion: GamePieceConfiguration
;; - assertion: Touching
;; - role: PhysicsEngine
;; Maintains positions, velocities and accelerations of all GamePieces.
;; Uses GamePieceConfiguration for global properties of pieces.
;; Publishes Position to match.
;; Listens to FrameDescription, using it to advance the simulation.
;; Considers only mobile GamePieces for movement.
;; Takes Impulses as the baseline for moving GamePieces around.
;; For massive mobile GamePieces, applies gravitational acceleration.
;; Computes collisions between GamePieces.
;; Uses Attributes of GamePieces to decide what to do in response to collisions.
;; For 'touchable GamePieces, a Touching row is asserted.
;; Responds to JumpRequest by checking whether the named piece is in a
;; jumpable location, and sets its upward velocity negative if so.
;; - role: GamePiece
;; Maintains private state. Asserts Impulse to move around,
;; and GamePieceConfiguration to get things started. May issue
;; JumpRequests at any time. Represents both the player,
;; enemies, the goal(s), and platforms and blocks in the
;; environment. Asserts a Sprite two layers out to render
;; itself.
;; An ID is a Symbol; the special symbol 'player indicates the player's avatar.
;; Gensyms from (gensym 'enemy) name enemies, etc.
;; A JumpRequest is a (jump-request ID), a message indicating a *request* to jump,
;; not necessarily honoured by the physics engine.
(struct jump-request (id) #:transparent)
;; An Impulse is an (impulse ID Vec), an assertion indicating a contribution to
;; the net *requested* velocity of the given gamepiece.
(struct impulse (id vec) #:transparent)
;; A Position is a (position ID Point Vec), an assertion describing
;; the current actual top-left corner and (physics-related, not
;; necessarily graphics-related) size of the named gamepiece.
(struct position (id top-left size) #:transparent)
;; An Attribute is either
;; - 'player - the named piece is a player avatar
;; - 'touchable - the named piece reacts to the player's touch
;; - 'solid - the named piece can be stood on / jumped from
;; - 'mobile - the named piece is not fixed in place
;; - 'massive - the named piece is subject to effects of gravity
;; (it is an error to be 'massive but not 'mobile)
;; A GamePieceConfiguration is a
;; - (game-piece-configuration ID Point Vec (Set Attribute))
;; an assertion specifying not only the *existence* of a named
;; gamepiece, but also its initial position and size and a collection
;; of its Attributes.
(struct game-piece-configuration (id initial-position size attributes) #:transparent)
;; A Touching is a
;; - (touching ID ID Side)
;; an assertion indicating that the first ID is touching the second on
;; the named side of the second ID.
(struct touching (a b side) #:transparent)
;; A Side is either 'top, 'left, 'right, 'bottom or the special value
;; 'mid, indicating an unknown or uncomputable side.
(define (game-piece-has-attribute? g attr)
(set-member? (game-piece-configuration-attributes g) attr))
;; ### Player State
;; - message: Damage
;; - assertion: Health
;; - role: Player
;; Maintains hitpoints, which it reflects using Health.
;; Responds to Damage.
;; When hitpoints drop low enough, removes the player from the board.
;; A Damage is a (damage ID Number), a message indicating an event that should
;; consume the given number of health points of the named gamepiece.
(struct damage (id hit-points) #:transparent)
;; A Health is a (health ID Number), an assertion describing the current hitpoints
;; of the named gamepiece.
(struct health (id hit-points) #:transparent)
;; ### World State
;; - assertion: LevelSize
;; - role: DisplayControl
;; Maintains a LevelSize assertion.
;; Observes the Position of the player, and computes and maintains a
;; ScrollOffset two layers out, to match.
;; Also kills the player if they wander below the bottom of the level.
;; A LevelSize is a (level-size Vec), an assertion describing the right-hand and
;; bottom edges of the level canvas (in World coordinates).
(struct level-size (vec) #:transparent)
;; -----------
;; Interaction Diagrams (to be refactored into the description later)
;; ================================================================================
;; title Jump Sequence
;; Player -> Physics: (jump 'player)
;; note right of Physics: Considers the request.
;; note right of Physics: Denied -- Player is not on a surface.
;; Player -> Physics: (jump 'player)
;; note right of Physics: Considers the request.
;; note right of Physics: Accepted.
;; note right of Physics: Updates velocity, position
;; Physics -> Subscribers: (vel 'player ...)
;; Physics -> Subscribers: (pos 'player ...)
;; ================================================================================
;; title Display Control Updates
;; Physics -> DisplayCtl: (pos 'player ...)
;; note right of DisplayCtl: Compares player pos to level size
;; DisplayCtl -> Subscribers: (inbound (inbound (scroll-offset ...)))
;; ================================================================================
;; title Movement Sequence
;; Moveable -> Physics: (mobile ID Boolean)
;; Moveable -> Physics: (attr ID ...)
;; Moveable -> Physics: (impulse ID vec)
;; note right of Physics: Processes simulation normally
;; Physics -> Subscribers: (pos ID ...)
;; Physics -> Subscribers: (vel ID ...)
;; ================================================================================
;; title Keyboard Interpretation
;; Keyboard -> Player: (press right-arrow)
;; Player -->> Physics: assert (impulse ID (vec DX 0))
;; note right of Physics: Processes simulation normally
;; Keyboard -> Player: (press left-arrow)
;; Player -->> Physics: assert (impulse ID (vec 0 0))
;; Keyboard -> Player: (release right-arrow)
;; Player -->> Physics: assert (impulse ID (vec -DX 0))
;; Keyboard -> Player: (press space)
;; Player -> Physics: (jump)
;; Icon
(struct icon (pict scale hitbox-width-fraction hitbox-height-fraction baseline-fraction)
(define (icon-width i) (* (image-width (icon-pict i)) (icon-scale i)))
(define (icon-height i) (* (image-height (icon-pict i)) (icon-scale i)))
(define (icon-hitbox-width i) (* (icon-width i) (icon-hitbox-width-fraction i)))
(define (icon-hitbox-height i) (* (icon-height i) (icon-hitbox-height-fraction i)))
(define (icon-hitbox-size i) (vector (icon-hitbox-width i) (icon-hitbox-height i)))
(define (focus->top-left i x y)
(vector (- x (/ (icon-hitbox-width i) 2))
(- y (icon-hitbox-height i))))
(define (icon-sprite i layer pos)
(match-define (vector x y) pos)
(simple-sprite layer
(- x (/ (- (icon-width i) (icon-hitbox-width i)) 2))
(- y (- (* (icon-baseline-fraction i) (icon-height i)) (icon-hitbox-height i)))
(icon-width i)
(icon-height i)
(icon-pict i)))
;; SceneManager
(define (spawn-scene-manager)
(spawn #:name 'scene-manager
(define backdrop (rectangle 1 1 "solid" "white"))
(define/query-value size (vector 0 0) (window $x $y) (vector x y))
(define/query-set osds ($ o (on-screen-display _ _ _)) o)
(define/query-value offset (vector 0 0) (scroll-offset $v) v)
(field [fullscreen? #f])
(assert #:when (fullscreen?) (gl-control 'fullscreen))
(on (message (key-event #\f #t _))
(fullscreen? (not (fullscreen?))))
(define (compute-backdrop)
(match-define (vector width height) (size))
(match-define (vector ofs-x ofs-y) (offset))
(define osd-blocks
(for/list [(osd (in-set (osds)))]
(match-define (on-screen-display raw-x raw-y (seal i)) osd)
(define x (if (negative? raw-x) (+ width raw-x) raw-x))
(define y (if (negative? raw-y) (+ height raw-y) raw-y))
`(push-matrix (translate ,x ,y)
(scale ,(image-width i) ,(image-height i))
(texture ,i))))
(scene (seal `((push-matrix
(scale ,width ,height)
(texture ,backdrop))
(translate ,(- ofs-x) ,(- ofs-y))))
(seal `((translate ,ofs-x ,ofs-y)
(assert (compute-backdrop))))
;; ScoreKeeper
(define (spawn-score-keeper)
(spawn #:name 'score-keeper
(field [score 0])
(assert (current-score (score)))
(assert (outbound
(on-screen-display -150 10
(seal (text (format "Score: ~a" (score)) 24 "white")))))
(on (message (add-to-score $delta))
(score (+ (score) delta))
(log-info "Score increased by ~a to ~a" delta (score))
(play-sound-sequence 270304))))
;; PhysicsEngine
(define impulse-multiplier 0.360) ;; 360 pixels per second
(define jump-vel (vector 0 -2))
(define gravity 0.004)
(define (spawn-physics-engine)
(spawn #:name 'physics-engine
(field [configs (hash)]
[previous-positions (hash)]
[previous-velocities (hash)]
[positions (hash)]
[velocities (hash)])
(during (game-piece-configuration $id $initial-position $size $attrs)
(on-start (configs
(hash-set (configs) id
(game-piece-configuration id initial-position size attrs))))
(on-stop (configs (hash-remove (configs) id))
(positions (hash-remove (positions) id))
(velocities (hash-remove (velocities) id)))
(assert (position id (hash-ref (positions) id initial-position) size)))
(define/query-hash impulses (impulse $id $vec) id vec)
(define (piece-cfg id) (hash-ref (configs) id))
(define (piece-pos which id)
(hash-ref (which) id (lambda () (game-piece-configuration-initial-position (piece-cfg id)))))
(define (piece-vel which id) (hash-ref (which) id (lambda () (vector 0 0))))
(define (piece-imp id) (hash-ref (impulses) id (lambda () (vector 0 0))))
(define (update-piece! g new-pos new-vel)
(positions (hash-set (positions) (game-piece-configuration-id g) new-pos))
(velocities (hash-set (velocities) (game-piece-configuration-id g) new-vel)))
(define (find-support p size which-pos)
(match-define (vector p-left p-top) p)
(match-define (vector p-w p-h) size)
(define p-right (+ p-left p-w))
(define p-bottom (+ p-top p-h))
(for/or [((id g) (in-hash (configs))) #:when (game-piece-has-attribute? g 'solid)]
(match-define (vector left top) (piece-pos which-pos id))
(and (< (abs (- top p-bottom)) 0.5)
(<= left p-right)
(match (game-piece-configuration-size g)
[(vector w h)
(<= p-left (+ left w))])
(define (segment-intersection-time p0 r q0 q1)
;; See
;; Enhanced to consider the direction of impact with the segment,
;; too: only returns an intersection when the vector of motion is
;; at an obtuse angle to the normal of the segment.
(define s (v- q1 q0))
(define rxs (vcross2 r s))
(cond [(< (abs rxs) 0.005) #f] ;; zeroish; lines are parallel (and maybe collinear)
(define q-p (v- q0 p0))
(define q-pxs (vcross2 q-p s))
(define t (/ q-pxs rxs))
(and (<= 0 t 1)
(let* ((q-pxr (vcross2 q-p r))
(u (/ q-pxr rxs)))
(and (< 0 u 1)
(let* ((q-norm
(vnormalize (vector (vector-ref s 1) (- (vector-ref s 0))))))
(and (not (positive? (vdot r q-norm)))
(- t 0.001))))))]))
(define (three-corners top-left size)
(match-define (vector w h) size)
(values (v+ top-left (vector w 0))
(v+ top-left size)
(v+ top-left (vector 0 h))))
(define (clip-movement-by top-left moved-top-left size solid-top-left solid-size)
(define-values (solid-top-right solid-bottom-right solid-bottom-left)
(three-corners solid-top-left solid-size))
(define-values (top-right bottom-right bottom-left)
(three-corners top-left size))
(define r (v- moved-top-left top-left))
(define t
(apply min
(for/list [(p (in-list (list #;top-left #;top-right bottom-right bottom-left)))]
(min (or (segment-intersection-time p r solid-top-left solid-top-right) 1)
;; TODO: some means of specifying *which edges* should appear solid.
#;(or (segment-intersection-time p r solid-top-right solid-bottom-right) 1)
#;(or (segment-intersection-time p r solid-bottom-right solid-bottom-left) 1)
#;(or (segment-intersection-time p r solid-bottom-left solid-top-left) 1)))))
(v+ top-left (v* r t)))
(define (clip-movement-by-solids p0 p1 size)
(for/fold [(p1 p1)]
[((id g) (in-hash (configs))) #:when (game-piece-has-attribute? g 'solid)]
(clip-movement-by p0 p1 size
(piece-pos previous-positions id)
(game-piece-configuration-size g))))
(define (touched-during-movement? TL moved-TL size touchable-TL touchable-size)
(define r (v- moved-TL TL))
(if (positive? (vmag^2 r)) ;; r is nonzero, in other words
(let ()
(define-values (touchable-TR touchable-BR touchable-BL)
(three-corners touchable-TL touchable-size))
(define-values (TR BR BL)
(three-corners TL size))
(for/or [(p (in-list (list TL TR BR BL)))]
(and (segment-intersection-time p r touchable-TR touchable-BR) 'right)
(and (segment-intersection-time p r touchable-BR touchable-BL) 'bottom)
(and (segment-intersection-time p r touchable-BL touchable-TL) 'left)
(and (segment-intersection-time p r touchable-TL touchable-TR) 'top))))
(let ()
(match-define (vector left top) TL)
(match-define (vector touchable-left touchable-top) touchable-TL)
(match-define (vector width height) size)
(match-define (vector touchable-width touchable-height) touchable-size)
(and (<= left (+ touchable-left touchable-width))
(<= top (+ touchable-top touchable-height))
(<= touchable-left (+ left width))
(<= touchable-top (+ top height))
(define (touchables-touched-during-movement p0 p1 size)
(for/fold [(ts '())]
[((id g) (in-hash (configs))) #:when (game-piece-has-attribute? g 'touchable)]
(define side (touched-during-movement? p0 p1 size
(piece-pos previous-positions id)
(game-piece-configuration-size g)))
(if side (cons (cons side g) ts) ts)))
(define (update-game-piece! elapsed-ms id)
(define g (piece-cfg id))
(define size (game-piece-configuration-size g))
(define pos0 (piece-pos previous-positions id))
(define support (find-support pos0 size previous-positions))
(define vel0 (piece-vel previous-velocities id))
(define imp0 (piece-imp id))
(define vel1 (cond
[(and support (not (negative? (vector-ref vel0 1))))
(piece-vel previous-velocities (game-piece-configuration-id support))]
[(game-piece-has-attribute? g 'massive)
(v+ vel0 (vector 0 (* gravity elapsed-ms)))]
(define pos1 (v+ pos0 (v* (v+ vel1 imp0) (* impulse-multiplier elapsed-ms))))
(define final-pos (clip-movement-by-solids pos0 pos1 size))
;; TODO: figure out how to cancel just the component of velocity blocked by the obstacle(s)
;; - which will avoid the "sticking to the wall" artifact
(define final-vel (if (v= pos1 final-pos) vel1 (vector 0 0))) ;; stop at collision
(define touchables (touchables-touched-during-movement pos0 final-pos size))
(for [(a (in-bag (current-adhoc-assertions)))]
(when (touching? a)
(retract! a +inf.0)))
(for [(t touchables)]
(match-define (cons side tg) t)
(assert! (touching id (game-piece-configuration-id tg) side)))
(update-piece! g final-pos final-vel))
(on (message (jump-request $id))
(define g (piece-cfg id))
(define pos (piece-pos positions id))
(when (find-support pos (game-piece-configuration-size g) positions)
(play-sound-sequence 270318)
(update-piece! g pos jump-vel)))
(define start-time #f)
(on (message (inbound (inbound (frame-event $counter _ _ _))))
(let ((stop-time (current-inexact-milliseconds)))
(when (not (eq? start-time #f))
(define elapsed-ms (- stop-time start-time))
(when (zero? (modulo counter 10))
(log-info "Instantaneous frame rate at frame ~a: ~a Hz"
(/ 1000.0 elapsed-ms)))
(previous-positions (positions))
(previous-velocities (velocities))
(for [((id g) (in-hash (configs))) #:when (game-piece-has-attribute? g 'mobile)]
(update-game-piece! elapsed-ms id)))
(set! start-time stop-time)))))
;; Player
(define player-id 'player)
(define planetcute-scale 1/2)
(define (spawn-player-avatar initial-focus-x initial-focus-y)
(spawn #:name 'player-avatar
(define i (icon character-cat-girl planetcute-scale 2/6 3/10 13/16))
(define initial-top-left (focus->top-left i initial-focus-x initial-focus-y))
(assert (game-piece-configuration player-id
(icon-hitbox-size i)
(set 'player 'mobile 'massive)))
(define/query-value pos initial-top-left (position player-id $hitbox-top-left _)
(assert (outbound (outbound (icon-sprite i 0 (pos)))))
(field [hit-points 1])
(assert (health player-id (hit-points)))
(stop-when-true (<= (hit-points) 0))
(on (message (damage player-id $amount))
(hit-points (- (hit-points) amount)))
(on (asserted (inbound (inbound (key-pressed #\space)))) (send! (jump-request player-id)))
(on (asserted (inbound (inbound (key-pressed #\.)))) (send! (jump-request player-id)))
(define/query-set keys-down (inbound (inbound (key-pressed $k))) k)
(define (any-key-down? . ks) (for/or [(k ks)] (set-member? (keys-down) k)))
(assert (impulse player-id (vector (+ (if (any-key-down? 'left 'prior) -1 0)
(if (any-key-down? 'right 'next) 1 0))
;; Ground Block
(define (spawn-ground-block top-left size #:color [color "purple"])
(spawn #:name (list 'ground-block top-left size color)
(match-define (vector x y) top-left)
(match-define (vector w h) size)
(define block-id (gensym 'ground-block))
(define block-pict (rectangle w h "solid" color))
(assert (outbound (outbound (simple-sprite 0 x y w h block-pict))))
(assert (game-piece-configuration block-id
(set 'solid)))))
;; Goal piece
;; When the player touches a goal, sends LevelCompleted one layer out.
(define (spawn-goal-piece initial-focus-x initial-focus-y)
(define goal-id (gensym 'goal))
(define i (icon key planetcute-scale 1/3 2/5 4/5))
(define initial-top-left (focus->top-left i initial-focus-x initial-focus-y))
(spawn #:name (list 'goal-piece initial-focus-x initial-focus-y)
(on (asserted (touching player-id goal-id _))
(send! (outbound (level-completed))))
(assert (game-piece-configuration goal-id
(icon-hitbox-size i)
(set 'touchable)))
(assert (outbound (outbound (icon-sprite i -1 initial-top-left))))))
;; Enemy
(define (spawn-enemy initial-x initial-y range-lo range-hi
#:speed [speed 0.2]
#:facing [initial-facing 'right])
(spawn #:name (list 'enemy initial-x initial-y initial-facing)
(define enemy-id (gensym 'enemy))
(define i (icon enemy-bug planetcute-scale 9/10 1/3 5/6))
(define i-flipped (struct-copy icon i [pict (flip-horizontal (icon-pict i))]))
(define initial-top-left (focus->top-left i initial-x initial-y))
(match-define (vector width height) (icon-hitbox-size i))
(assert (game-piece-configuration enemy-id
(icon-hitbox-size i)
(set 'mobile 'massive 'touchable)))
(define/query-value current-level-size #f (level-size $v) v)
(define/query-value pos initial-top-left (position enemy-id $top-left _) top-left
#:on-add (match-let (((vector left top) top-left))
(facing (cond [(< left range-lo) 'right]
[(> (+ left width) range-hi) 'left]
[else (facing)]))))
(stop-when-true (and (current-level-size)
(> (vector-ref (pos) 1)
(vector-ref (current-level-size) 1))))
(field [facing initial-facing])
(assert (outbound (outbound
(icon-sprite (match (facing) ['right i] ['left i-flipped]) -1 (pos)))))
(assert (impulse enemy-id (vector (* speed (match (facing) ['right 1] ['left -1])) 0)))
(stop-when (asserted (touching player-id enemy-id 'top))
(play-sound-sequence 270325)
(send! (outbound (add-to-score 1))))
(on (asserted (touching player-id enemy-id $side))
(when (not (eq? side 'top)) (send! (damage player-id 1))))))
;; DisplayControl
(define (spawn-display-controller level-size-vec)
(match-define (vector level-width level-height) level-size-vec)
(spawn #:name 'display-controller
(field [offset-pos (vector 0 0)])
(assert (outbound (outbound (scroll-offset (offset-pos)))))
(assert (level-size level-size-vec))
(define/query-value window-size-vec #f (inbound (inbound (window $w $h))) (vector w h))
(define (compute-offset pos viewport limit)
(min (max 0 (- pos (/ viewport 2))) (- limit viewport)))
(on (asserted (position player-id (vector $px $py) _))
(when (window-size-vec)
(match-define (vector ww wh) (window-size-vec))
(when (> py level-height) (send! (damage player-id +inf.0)))
(offset-pos (vector (compute-offset px ww level-width)
(compute-offset py wh level-height)))))))
;; LevelTerminationMonitor
;; When the player vanishes from the board, or LevelCompleted is seen,
;; kills the dataspace.
(define (wait-for-level-termination)
(spawn #:name 'wait-for-level-termination
(assert (outbound (level-running)))
(on (retracted (game-piece-configuration player-id _ _ _))
(log-info "Player died! Terminating level.")
(play-sound-sequence 270328)
(on (message (inbound (level-completed)))
(log-info "Level completed! Terminating level.")
(play-sound-sequence 270330)
(send! (outbound (add-to-score 100)))
;; LevelSpawner
(define (spawn-background-image level-size scene)
(match-define (vector level-width level-height) level-size)
(define scene-width (image-width scene))
(define scene-height (image-height scene))
(define level-aspect (/ level-width level-height))
(define scene-aspect (/ scene-width scene-height))
(define scale (if (> level-aspect scene-aspect) ;; level is wider, proportionally, than scene
(/ level-width scene-width)
(/ level-height scene-height)))
(spawn #:name 'background-image
(assert (outbound
(sprite 10
`((scale ,(* scene-width scale)
,(* scene-height scale))
(texture ,scene))))))))
(define grassland-backdrop (bitmap "./private/beautiful-grassland-wallpapers-1920x1080.jpg"))
(define (spawn-level #:initial-player-x [initial-player-x 50]
#:initial-player-y [initial-player-y 50]
#:level-size [level-size-vec (vector 4000 2000)]
#:scene [scene grassland-backdrop]
(lambda ()
(dataspace #:name 'level-dataspace
(when scene (spawn-background-image level-size-vec scene))
(spawn-display-controller level-size-vec)
(spawn-player-avatar initial-player-x initial-player-y)
(define standard-ground-height 50)
(define (slab left top width #:color [color "purple"])
(spawn-ground-block (vector left top) (vector width standard-ground-height) #:color color))
(define levels
(spawn-level (lambda ()
(slab 25 125 100)
(slab 50 300 500)
(spawn-enemy 100 300 50 550)
(spawn-enemy 300 300 50 550 #:facing 'left)
(spawn-goal-piece 570 150)
(slab 850 300 50)
(slab 925 400 50)
(slab 975 500 50)
(slab 975 600 50)
(slab 500 600 150 #:color "orange")))
(spawn-level (lambda ()
(slab 25 300 500)
(slab 500 400 500)
(slab 1000 500 400)
(spawn-goal-piece 1380 500)))
(spawn-level (lambda ()
(slab 25 300 1000)
(spawn-enemy 600 300 25 1025 #:facing 'left)
(spawn-goal-piece 980 300)))
(spawn-level (lambda ()
(spawn-goal-piece 250 280)
(spawn-enemy 530 200 400 600)
(spawn-enemy 500 200 -100 1000 #:facing 'left)
(slab 400 200 200)
(spawn-ground-block (vector 200 280) (vector 200 200) #:color "orange")
(slab 25 300 500)
(slab 600 1300 600)
(slab 1150 1200 25 #:color "red")
(for/list ((n 10))
(slab 900 (+ 200 (* n 100)) 50)))
(define (spawn-numbered-level level-number)
(if (< level-number (length levels))
((list-ref levels level-number))
(spawn #:name 'victory-message
(assert (outbound
(let ((message (text "You won!" 72 "red")))
(simple-sprite 0
(image-width message)
(image-height message)
(define (spawn-level-spawner starting-level)
(spawn #:name 'level-spawner
(field [current-level starting-level]
[level-complete? #f])
(on (message (level-completed)) (level-complete? #t))
(on (retracted (level-running))
(current-level (if (level-complete?) (+ (current-level) 1) (current-level)))
(level-complete? #f)
(spawn-numbered-level (current-level)))
(on-start (spawn-numbered-level starting-level))))
;; Sounds
(require racket/runtime-path)
(define-runtime-path sounds-path "./private/sounds"))
(define (lookup-sound-file sound-number)
(define sought-prefix (build-path sounds-path (format "~a__" sound-number)))
(for/or [(filename (in-directory sounds-path))]
(and (string-prefix? (path->string filename) (path->string sought-prefix))
;; TODO: make this a sound driver...
;; TODO: ...and make sound triggering based on assertions of game
;; state, not hardcoding in game logic
(define (play-sound-sequence . sound-numbers)
(thread (lambda ()
(for [(sound-number (in-list sound-numbers))]
(define sound-file (lookup-sound-file sound-number))
(play-sound sound-file #f)))))
(spawn-gl-2d-driver #:width 600 #:height 400)
(dataspace #:name 'game-dataspace
(spawn-level-spawner 0))