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;;; SPDX-License-Identifier: LGPL-3.0-or-later
;;; SPDX-FileCopyrightText: Copyright © 2010-2021 Tony Garnock-Jones <>
#lang syndicate
;; Multiple animated sprites.
;; 2018-05-01 With the new "imperative" implementation of Syndicate,
;; the same 2.6GHz laptop mentioned below can animate 135 logos in a
;; 640x480 window at 60 fps on a single core, with a bit of headroom
;; to spare.
;; 2016-12-12 With the current implementations of (a) Syndicate's
;; dataspaces and (b) Syndicate's 2D sprite support, my reasonably new
;; 2.6GHz laptop can animate 20 logos at 256x256 pixels at about 20
;; frames per second on a single core.
;; For comparison, Kay recounts in "The Early History of Smalltalk"
;; (1993) that "by the Fall of '73 [Steve Purcell] could demo 80
;; ping-pong balls and 10 flying horses running at 10 frames per
;; second in 2 1/2 D" in an early Smalltalk (?) on a NOVA.
(require 2htdp/image)
(require images/logos)
(require/activate syndicate/drivers/gl-2d)
(define speed-limit 40)
(define sprite-count 135)
(define (spawn-background)
(during (window $width $height)
(assert-scene `((push-matrix (scale ,width ,height)
(texture ,(rectangle 1 1 "solid" "white"))))
(define i:logo (plt-logo))
(define i:logo-width (image-width i:logo))
(define i:logo-height (image-height i:logo))
(define (spawn-logo)
(spawn (field [x 100] [y 100])
(field [dx (* (- (random) 0.5) speed-limit)]
[dy (* (- (random) 0.5) speed-limit)])
(define/query-value w #f ($ w (window _ _)) w)
(assert (simple-sprite 0
(define (bounce f df limit)
(define v (f))
(define limit* (- limit i:logo-width))
(cond [(< v 0) (f 0) (df (abs (df)))]
[(> v limit*) (f limit*) (df (- (abs (df))))]
[else (void)]))
(on (message (frame-event _ _ _ _))
(when (w) ;; don't animate until we know the window bounds
(x (+ (x) (dx)))
(y (+ (y) (dy)))
(bounce x dx (window-width (w)))
(bounce y dy (window-height (w)))))))
(for [(i sprite-count)]
(spawn (define start-time #f)
(log-info "Sprite count: ~a" sprite-count)
(on (message (frame-event $counter $timestamp _ _))
(if (eq? start-time #f)
(set! start-time (current-inexact-milliseconds))
(let ((delta (- (current-inexact-milliseconds) start-time)))
(when (and (zero? (modulo counter 100)) (positive? delta))
(log-info "~v frames, ~v ms ==> ~v Hz"
(/ counter (/ delta 1000.0))))))))
(spawn (field [fullscreen? #f])
(on (message (key-event #\f #t _)) (fullscreen? (not (fullscreen?))))
(assert #:when (fullscreen?) (gl-control 'fullscreen))
(on (message (key-event #\q #t _))
(send! (gl-control 'stop))))