An implementation of Syndicated Actors for Python
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import sys
import argparse
import asyncio
import random
import syndicate
from syndicate import patterns as P, actor, dataspace, turn
from syndicate.schema import simpleChatProtocol, sturdy
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Simple dataspace-server-mediated text chat.',
parser.add_argument('--address', metavar='\'<tcp "HOST" PORT>\'',
help='transport address of the server',
default='<ws "ws://localhost:9001/">')
parser.add_argument('--cap', metavar='\'<ref ...>\'',
help='capability for the dataspace on the server',
default='<ref "syndicate" [] #[pkgN9TBmEd3Q04grVG4Zdw==]>')
args = parser.parse_args()
Present = simpleChatProtocol.Present
Says = simpleChatProtocol.Says
@actor.run_system(name = 'chat', debug = False)
def main():
root_facet = turn.active_facet()
@syndicate.relay.connect(args.address, sturdy.SturdyRef.decode(syndicate.parse(args.cap)))
def on_connected(ds):
me = 'user_' + str(random.randint(10, 1000))
turn.publish(ds, Present(me))
@dataspace.during(ds, P.rec('Present', P.CAPTURE), inert_ok=True)
def on_presence(who):
print('%s joined' % (who,))
turn.on_stop(lambda: print('%s left' % (who,)))
@dataspace.on_message(ds, P.rec('Says', P.CAPTURE, P.CAPTURE))
def on_says(who, what):
print('%s says %r' % (who, what))
async def accept_input(f):
reader = asyncio.StreamReader()
await actor.find_loop().connect_read_pipe(lambda: asyncio.StreamReaderProtocol(reader), sys.stdin)
while line := (await reader.readline()).decode('utf-8'):
turn.external(f, lambda: turn.send(ds, Says(me, line.strip())))
turn.external(f, lambda: turn.stop(root_facet))