Protocols for communication among Syndicate actors across various kinds of network and other communications media
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version 1 .
embeddedType EntityRef.Cap .
;Asserts that a service should begin (and stay) running after waiting for its dependencies and considering reverse-dependencies, blocks, and so on.
RequireService = <require-service @serviceName any>.
;Asserts that a service should begin (and stay) running RIGHT NOW, without considering its dependencies.
RunService = <run-service @serviceName any>.
;Asserts that the service has been started (but is not necessarily ready for use).
ServiceStarted = <service-started @serviceName any>.
;Asserts that the service is ready for use.
ServiceRunning = <service-running @serviceName any>.
;Asserts that `depender` can be considered started but not running until `dependee` is satisfied.
ServiceDependency = <depends-on @depender any @dependee Dependee>.
;Describes a relationship from a dependent to some a dependee service: has it started? is it ready?
Dependee = ServiceStarted / ServiceRunning .
;Asserts that the service has the given milestone among its dependencies. If not otherwise specified, a service has the milestone `core` as a dependency.
ServiceMilestone = <service-milestone @serviceName any @milestone any>.