TypeScript and JavaScript implementation of Dataspaces, Syndicate, and TypeScript language support for Syndicate. Targets both the browser and node.js.
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  • [DONE] during/spawn

  • [DONE] during

  • [DONE] let { TimeLaterThan } = activate require("@syndicate-lang/driver-timer");

  • [DONE] react

  • [DONE] spawn* or similar - looks like spawn on start { ... } will do the trick

  • [DONE] activation

  • [DONE] remove ground dataspace syntax

  • [DONE] spawn :let childVal = parentCalculation { ... }

  • [DONE] better autobuilding for smooth and fast dev; babel uses gulp?

  • [DONE] dataspaces, dataspace relays

  • [DONE? Surely there's more] pin down and fix the problems with facet field scope (!!)

  • [DONE] npm init @syndicate

  • [DONE] change send syntax from ^ ... to send ... :-(

    • Using ^ is too cute. Indentation doesn't work, and forgetting a semicolon causes silent xor!
  • [DONE] timer driver

  • [DONE] ui driver

  • [DONE] web driver

  • [DONE] tcp driver

  • defer statement

  • define/query

  • some kind of stop facet statement - put a Symbol on the fields blob?

  • other kinds of relay

  • alias wrapExternal to index.js

  • @syndicate-lang/standalone, analogous to @babel/standalone

  • deferTurn should prevent a facet from terminating! This came up in some formulations of the game-restart logic in the flappy bird demo.

  • driver-streams-node/src/subprocess.js: perhaps figure out some way of blocking SIGQUIT, which I'm currently using to get debug output, in children, so they don't terminate too?