TypeScript and JavaScript implementation of Dataspaces, Syndicate, and TypeScript language support for Syndicate. Targets both the browser and node.js.
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bootstrap: node_modules/lerna
npm i .
$(MAKE) clean
+$(MAKE) -j$$(nproc) all
PACKAGE_JSONS=$(wildcard packages/*/package.json)
clean veryclean:
rm -f deps.mk
for d in $(PACKAGE_DIRS); do make -C $$d $@; done
all: $(PACKAGE_DIRS:=/.phony_all)
include deps.mk
for d in $(PACKAGE_DIRS); do \
echo $$d/.phony_all: $$(fgrep 'file:' "$$d/package.json" | sed -e 's:.*/\([^/"]*\)",:packages/\1/.phony_all:'); \
done > $@
+$(MAKE) -C $* all
inotifytest make -j$$(nproc) all