The version of Syndicate current at the conclusion of Tony Garnock-Jones's PhD research, end-of-2017/start-of-2018.
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#lang syndicate
(require syndicate/protocol/advertise)
(require/activate syndicate/drivers/timestate)
(assertion-struct function (argument result))
(assertion-struct failed (argument))
(spawn #:name 'division-server
(during/spawn (observe (function `(divide ,$n ,$d) _))
(printf "S: Preparing to compute ~a/~a\n" n d)
(assert (advertise (function `(divide ,n ,d) _)))
(on-stop (printf "S: Request of ~a/~a is finished.\n" n d))
(on-start (flush!)
(printf "S: Computing ~a/~a\n" n d)
(react (assert (function `(divide ,n ,d) (/ n d)))
(on-start (printf "S: Computed ~a/~a\n" n d))))))
(spawn #:name 'failure-signaller
(during/spawn (observe (function $req _))
(on-start (printf "F: Noticed request ~a\n" req))
(on-stop (printf "F: Forgetting request ~a\n" req))
(on (retracted (advertise (function req _)))
(printf "F: Noticed failure for ~a\n" req)
(react (assert (failed req))
(on-start (printf "F: Asserted failure for ~a\n" req))
(on-stop (printf "F: Retracting failure for ~a\n" req))))))
(define (invert d #:on-answer [ks void] #:on-error [kf void])
(define req `(divide 1 ,d))
(printf "C: Requesting ~a\n" req)
(on (asserted (advertise (function req _)))
(printf "C: Answer in progress!\n"))
(stop-when (asserted (failed req))
;; Indirectly detect error: relies on failure-signaller.
;; We could comment out the next stop-when clause and rely
;; entirely on this one -- both here and in the cache.
;; Anywhere there's a client.
(printf "C: Received failure-detection signal!\n")
(stop-when (retracted (advertise (function req _)))
;; Directly detect error
(printf "C: No answer was supplied!\n")
(stop-when (asserted (function req $answer))
(printf "C: The answer is: ~a\n" answer)
(ks answer)))
(define (pause)
(sleep 0.5)
(printf "C: Continuing after pause.\n"))
(spawn (invert 2
(lambda (_)
(react (invert 2
(lambda (_)
(react (invert 0
(lambda ()
(react (invert 0
(lambda ()
(printf "C: Done!\n")))))))))))))
(spawn (on (asserted (observe (function $req _)))
(printf "X: Noticed request ~a\n" req)
(react (assert (observe (function req _)))
(stop-when (retracted (advertise (function req _)))
(printf "X: Removing cache entry for ~a because of error\n" req))
(stop-when-timeout 750
(printf "X: Timed out cache entry for ~a\n" req)))))
;; This one takes responsibility itself. It could also signal to the
;; server that it has taken responsibility.
;; (spawn (on (asserted (observe (function $req _)))
;; (printf "X: Noticed request ~a\n" req)
;; (react (on (asserted (function req $rep))
;; (printf "X: Got reply ~a to request ~a\n" rep req)
;; (react (assert (function req rep))))
;; (stop-when-timeout 750
;; (printf "X: Timed out cache entry for ~a\n" req)))))