add some list ops

Sam Caldwell 2020-10-22 16:45:05 -04:00
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commit b66ab0bfcd
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@ -13,7 +13,9 @@
[[partition- ( (X) (→fn (List X) (→fn X Bool) (List X)))] partition]
[[map- ( (X Y) (→fn (→fn X Y) (List X) (List Y)))] map]
[[argmax- : ( (X) (→fn (→fn X Int) (List X) X))] argmax]
[[argmin- : ( (X) (→fn (→fn X Int) (List X) X))] argmin]))
[[argmin- : ( (X) (→fn (→fn X Int) (List X) X))] argmin]
[[remove- : ( (X) (→fn X (List X) (List X)))] remove]
[[length- : ( (X) (→fn (List X) Int))] length]))
(require "core-types.rkt")
(require (only-in "prim.rkt" Bool Int))