The version of Syndicate current at the conclusion of Tony Garnock-Jones's PhD research, end-of-2017/start-of-2018.
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#lang syndicate
7 years ago
(require racket/set)
7 years ago
(require 2htdp/image)
(require "../2d.rkt")
(define (spawn-background)
(during (inbound (window $width $height))
(assert (outbound
(scene (seal `((push-matrix (scale ,width ,(* height 2))
(translate 0 -0.25)
,(overlay/xy (rectangle 1 1 "solid" "white")
0 0
(rectangle 1 2 "solid" "black"))))
;; (rotate -30)
;; (scale 5 5)
(seal `())))))))
(define (draggable-mixin touching? x y)
(define (idle)
(react (stop-when #:when (touching?)
(message (inbound (mouse-event 'left-down (mouse-state $mx $my _ _ _))))
(dragging (- mx (x)) (- my (y))))))
(define (dragging dx dy)
(react (on (message (inbound (mouse-event 'motion (mouse-state $mx $my _ _ _))))
(x (- mx dx))
(y (- my dy)))
(stop-when (message (inbound (mouse-event 'left-up _))) (idle))
(stop-when (message (inbound (mouse-event 'leave _))) (idle))))
(define (draggable-shape name orig-x orig-y z plain-image hover-image
#:coordinate-map-id [coordinate-map-id #f]
#:parent [parent-id #f])
(spawn (field [x orig-x] [y orig-y])
(define/query-value touching? #f (inbound (touching name)) #t)
(assert (outbound (simple-sprite #:parent parent-id
#:coordinate-map-id coordinate-map-id
#:touchable-id name
#:touchable-predicate in-unit-circle?
z (x) (y) 50 50
(if (touching?)
(on-start (draggable-mixin touching? x y))))
6 years ago
(define (tooltip touching? x y w h label-string)
(define label-text (text label-string 22 "black"))
(define label (overlay label-text (empty-scene (+ (image-width label-text) 10)
(+ (image-height label-text) 10))))
(define (pos)
(define v (- (x) (image-width label) 10))
(if (negative? v)
(+ (x) w 10)
(react (assert #:when (touching?)
(outbound (simple-sprite -10
(+ (y) (* 1/2 h) (- (* 1/2 (image-height label))))
6 years ago
(image-width label)
(image-height label)
(define (spawn-player-avatar)
(local-require 2htdp/planetcute)
(define CC character-cat-girl)
(spawn (field [x 100] [y 100])
(assert (outbound (simple-sprite #:touchable-id 'player
#:coordinate-map-id 'player
-0.5 (x) (y) (image-width CC) (image-height CC) CC)))
(field [keys-down (set)])
(on (asserted (key-pressed $k)) (keys-down (set-add (keys-down) k)))
(on (retracted (key-pressed $k)) (keys-down (set-remove (keys-down) k)))
(define (key->delta k distance) (if (set-member? (keys-down) k) distance 0))
(define/query-value touching? #f (inbound (touching 'player)) #t)
(on-start (draggable-mixin touching? x y))
(on (asserted (inbound (coordinate-map 'player $xform)))
;; TODO: figure out why this causes lag in frame updates
(log-info "Player coordinate map: ~v" xform))
6 years ago
(on-start (tooltip touching? x y (image-width CC) (image-height CC) "The Player"))
(on (message (inbound (frame-event _ _ $elapsed-ms _)))
(define-values (old-x old-y) (values (x) (y)))
(define distance (* 0.360 elapsed-ms))
(define nx (+ old-x (key->delta 'right distance) (key->delta 'left (- distance))))
(define ny (+ old-y (key->delta 'down distance) (key->delta 'up (- distance))))
(when (not (and (= nx old-x) (= ny old-y)))
(x nx)
(y ny)))))
(define (spawn-frame-counter)
(spawn (field [i empty-image])
(assert (outbound
(simple-sprite -10 300 10 (image-width (i)) (image-height (i)) (i))))
(on (message (inbound (frame-event $counter $sim-time-ms _ _)))
(when (> sim-time-ms 0)
(define fps (/ counter (/ sim-time-ms 1000.0)))
(i (text (format "~a fps" fps) 22 "black"))))))
;; (spawn-frame-counter)
(draggable-shape 'orange 50 50 0
(circle 50 "solid" "orange")
(circle 50 "solid" "red"))
(draggable-shape 'yellow 10 -10 0 #:parent 'orange
(circle 50 "solid" "yellow")
(circle 50 "solid" "purple"))
(draggable-shape 'green 60 60 -1
(circle 50 "solid" "green")
(circle 50 "solid" "cyan"))
(spawn* (until (message (inbound (key-event #\q #t _))))
(assert! (outbound 'stop)))
(spawn (during (inbound (touching $id))
(on-start (log-info "Touching ~v" id))
(on-stop (log-info "No longer touching ~v" id))))
(module+ main (current-ground-dataspace (2d-dataspace)))