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Bug: onmessage:
if (j === "ping") {
- if the connection closes before the pong can be sent, exception leads to process crash.
- thoughts: 1. the websocket should be closed if the process managing it exits
2. the websocket-manager process should be supervised
- how to achieve fate-sharing?
- onexit handler for processes? dual to boot?
- wait, the socket is being closed correctly. it's the zombie restart that's the problem
- make World.wrap() check that the intended process is still alive?
haha my code is silly
it needs to be refactored
the connection process should just exit when onclose is detected
a supervisor should manage the reconnect exponential backoff
and finally, the process that does the connected/disconnected display is looking at the wrong thing
it's being too trusting
it doesn't tell anyone if the connection itself has vanished
only when the connection is present but changing internal state
For now, I've trapped exceptions sending :( and left the reconnect
logic in the WebSocketConnection.
TODO: make a proper supervisor, with timer-driven hysteresis and
conversation-specific state machines.