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JS-Marketplace: a Network Calculus Implementation

Currently just a prototype.

Some of the examples are standalone (e.g. the textfield example); some require a Racket server (e.g. the chat example).

To install the Racket server:

  • download a recent Racket (e.g. 5.93)
  • when Racket is installed, install the rfc6455 and minimart packages:
    • raco pkg install rfc6455
    • raco pkg install minimart

To run the Racket server:

racket -l minimart/examples/broker

The Racket server listens for tunnelled Network Calculus events via websocket on ports 8000 (HTTP) and 8443 (HTTPS, if you have a certificate available).

Note that if you don't have a certificate available, then you will see complaints from the Racket server as it starts. These end up just being warnings, despite the severity of their appearance; the server should function normally on port 8000.