Nix flake containing Preserves and Syndicate packages.
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Emery Hemingway 3f4c5ae37e Only one nixpkgs input 3 weeks ago
nixos nixos: optionally wrap syndicate-server with dbus-run-session 3 months ago
preserves-nim preserves-nim, xdg_open_ng: update to 20220625 3 months ago
preserves-py Add Python packages 7 months ago
preserves-tools preserves-tools: 1.0.0 -> 2.3.0 10 months ago
squeak squeak: 6.0rc1-22081-202206021410 -> 6.0-22101-202206021410 3 months ago
squeaker Add Squeak and Squeaker 6 months ago
syndicate-nim syndicate_utils: init at 20220627 3 months ago
syndicate-py Add Python packages 7 months ago
syndicate-server syndicate-rs-0.15.1 -> syndicate-server-0.24.0 7 months ago
syndicate_utils-nim syndicate_utils: 20220627 -> 20220628 3 months ago
xdg_open_ng xdg-open: sure, mozilla whatever 3 months ago
.gitignore Add lib.generators.toPreserves 1 year ago Remove NixOS module from README, not ready 7 months ago
flake.lock Only one nixpkgs input 3 weeks ago
flake.nix Only one nixpkgs input 3 weeks ago
lib.nix Improve lib.generators.toPreserves 7 months ago

Syndicate Nix flake

To add to your local flake registry:

nix registry add syndicate "git+"